Monday, June 20, 2011

#200 Out On The Town

What’s it like when a 6’6” woman goes out at night to a club? There are several possibilities, and all of them happened in one night last Saturday night. After the reunion, four of us high school gals headed downtown to Ike & Jonesy’s for some 80s music. Well, they USED to play 80s music. That night it was hip hop and rap, and the crowd was much younger than I’d experienced in the past. We ended up staying about half an hour. Following is what happened in that short time span:

The Older Man – Older men love me. I usually get hit on by men in their 60s. I was in line to get in when a Tom Jones lookalike came up to me and said he wanted to dance with me later. He buzzed around me once we got onto the dance floor. I nicely ignored him (is that possible?) and he finally went back to his buds.

The Walk-By – When I’m out in a crowd, inevitably a group of guys will send one guinea pig over to walk by me to judge how tall I am. I was on the dance floor (standing, not dancing; I don’t like hip hop too much) and noticed two tall guys in a corner. I caught their eyes a couple times. Kinda cute. I went to the ladies room and when I came back one of the guys was standing near my friends. I stood right next to him. He must’ve been standing on a step earlier because he wasn’t as tall as I thought he’d be. He never said anything. I never said anything. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him communicate with his friend. First he rose up on his tip toes to make himself taller. Then he put his hands up by his chest like he was telling the guy how tall I was. One full hand and one finger (six – six). I just shook my head and turned around.

Free Drinks! – We had just walked in and, Wham!, Tony offered to buy me a drink because I was taller than him. He was pretty nice and good natured, and said that as long as he was in there he’d buy me a drink. Cool. He wouldn’t buy Heather a drink though. I tried to order two at once to get her one. Tony’s too smart for that.

Shoe Glance –Men look down at my feet to see if I’m wearing heels. Nope. In college I would go to fraternity band parties and guys would look down and say they thought I was standing on a cooler.

I’d never been out with Heather before and I think she was shocked at the attention I got. I must admit, I usually get just one of the above so it was an exceptionally busy night.

Now where’s that 80s music?

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  1. It's really an experience, new and surprising in many ways, for a short person going out with a very tall woman.