Friday, April 27, 2012

#282 Sophia Grace and Rosie

I've been home sick several days this week.  My TV routine has included the Today Show, Dr. Oz, local news, sleeping through a soap, Ellen, House Hunters, more Dr. Oz and more local news.  How sad is that?  I also caught "The Way We Were" Tuesday night.  ("You're girl is lovely, Hubbell.")

Thursday Ellen had return guests Sophia Grace and Rosie.  I had seen previews for them all week and had never heard of them.  After watching the show and also reading more/watching them online, I LOVE them.  I want to be Sophia Grace for Halloween!  If only we all could be so enthusiastic about life and dance (and sing) like nobody's watching.  Life would be "soooooooo good!" 

Monday, April 23, 2012

#281 The Summitt

Tennessee coach Pat Summitt stepped down from her head coaching position last week. She was diagnosed last year with early onset dementia. As a player in the Southeastern Conference, I played my share of games against Tennessee. They were always a team that I loved to "hate" (I use that word loosely - I don't really hate anyone) because they were consistently good.

Coach Summitt was a true pioneer and a legendary coach. She has done so much for women's basketball. She will continue on as Coach Emeritus at Tennessee and will be there to mentor the players that come through the program. However, it won't be the same without her steely gaze on the sidelines.

Thank you, coach, for all you have done for us.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#280 Today I learned...

...that you can get a bowling ball with a scent! A female friend of mine bowls and a male friend of hers came up to her recently and said, "Smell my ball!" It had a black cherry scent. Who knew?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#279 Don't Be A Dick

While driving home from work the other day, a car passed me with a bumper sticker that read, "Don't Be A Dick." It was a PT Cruiser and the man driving looked like a typical middle aged man, so not necessarily something you'd expect to see from that car or driver. Funny nonetheless. There are many other politically correct ways to say the same thing, but this does the trick. If only everyone would follow this rule...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

#278 Say Anything...

I came across this webpage while wasting time on the Internet. "Say Anything..." is one of my favorite movies, and John Cusack is one of my favorite actors. (I will forgive him for "1408." "Hot Tub Time Machine" is unforgivable.)

My other favorite movies of his are:

Sixteen Candles
The Sure Thing
Better Off Dead
Grosse Pointe Blank
High Fidelity
America's Sweethearts
Must Love Dogs

I do love him in the romantic comedy! He is the perfect blend of sweet/nerdy/boyishly handsome. Even at 45.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

#277 Shoe Heaven

I recently purchased an over-the-door shoe organizer from the Container Store. It is AMAZING! It holds 30 pairs of shoes and attaches to the top and bottom (and doorknob) of a standard closet door. I previously had a 6-pair shoe hanger from my mom that hung on the closet rod. This thing is sooo much better for many reasons. It "installs" in 2 seconds and is even fits my big shoes. It's currently on sale so you'd better hurry!

Monday, April 9, 2012

#276 Way to go Bubba!

Yesterday afternoon/evening I watched the Masters. I don't watch much golf at all, but do enjoy watching the Masters. The trees, the fake bird calls, it's a tradition unlike any other, right? This year Bubba Watson won in a shoot out. Very exciting! As the end neared I looked him up on my phone. Born in Florida, went to the University of Georgia. Married a former Georgia women's basketball player. He's 6'3" and she's 6'4". Very nice Bubba! Later I found out he's a Christian. More points. And interestingly, he's never taken golf lessons nor has he ever seen his golf swing on video. A fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants golfer. Love it! And to top it off he and his wife just adopted a baby boy. What a wonderful Easter day for Bubba and his family!

#275 Easter Apparel

One woman at church wore a pretty Easter "bonnet." Next year I want to find a cute hat to wear and pretend I'm at a royal wedding.

One younger woman at my church wore a "dress" that was very inappropriate. She was older high school/early college age. Her "dress" consisted of a skin tight black skirt that barely covered her behind. And high heeled black pumps. Really??!! Are we going to the club after church? When she sat down I'm sure Jesus and the pastor could see her "hoo ha." I realize Jesus created her "hoo ha" but he doesn't need to see it again in His house. The worst of it was, she walked in with her parents. And her father is an elder. Classy!!

#274 Happy Easter!

I had a lovely Easter yesterday with my family. Aaron and Megan came home and Megan brought Fun Anna. My contribution to the meal was deviled eggs. A couple weeks ago I saw a recipe for healthier deviled eggs - half the yolks are replaced with silken tofu. I decided to give it a try. While at Kroger I stared at the tofu in the healthy food section until a Kroger employee asked if I needed help. I saw the regular tofu but could not find anything that said silken. She showed me where it was and I was on my way. The filling actually tasted pretty good - until I put it in the actual hardened egg halves. Then it tasted pretty bland. Oh well. Was a good try. After we ate I asked Aaron if he'd ever eaten tofu. He said no. So I said, "Yes you have!" We all had a good laugh, especially Anna, who eats tofu all the time.