Friday, August 31, 2012

#305 Flood

No, I’m not talking about hurricane Isaac and all the havoc he’s wreaked in the south.  Today I am wearing flood jeans.  On purpose.  This, coming from a girl who several years ago refused to wear cropped pants because I thought people would think I couldn’t find pants long enough.  Not only do I now wear tons of cropped pants, I even wear floods.  I initially bought too-short skinny jeans to wear with riding boots, then decided they looked cute in the summer with flats or flip flops.  The jeans I am wearing today have a flare at the bottom and hit right above my ankle bone.  Part of me thinks, “I must look ridiculous in these.”  But they are cute jeans and I think they just looked cropped.  So there!  And if we get all the rain we're supposed to this weekend, the bottom of my jeans would stay nice and dry. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#304 Dress You Up

Monday after work I went to my favorite store (Annie's) and found three pairs of shoes (two were Clark's!), a cute hippy trippy top, a James Taylor One Man Band t-shirt from his 2006 tour (which I attended) and a pair of sweatpants that don't sag in the butt (yes, they are floods, but they are very cute regardless). 

Today I am wearing said hippy trippy top.  It's got black, grey, a nice green, all kind of in a nice pattern.  Gathered just below the bust and on me it hangs mid-thigh.  I wore black cigarette capris with it, as leggings aren't pants).  One of my co-workers, who is 5'5", commented that if she wore this top it would be a dress.  One women's top is another woman's dress!    

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#303 Really!?!

Yesterday I stopped at Walgreen's after work.  As I unlocked my car to go home, I heard someone whistle.  I didn't look up but thought just maybe someone was whistling at me.  A girl can dream, right?  I then opened the car door and knew that they were whistling at me because I heard, "Hey!  Big Bird!  Big Bird!"  Really!?!  Do I really look 7' tall with yellow feathers?  My nose is not big!  Really!"!  I cursed them in my head and silently got into the car.  Their light turned green and I looked up to see a car full of tattooed guys driving off in a junky car.  Only after I'd driven away did the perfect response hit me.  "Big Bird?  Here's a big bird for you!" and I could have flipped them the bird.  But that would have been really tacky and not very lady like.  If only I'd had a large cup full of soda I could've thrown at them.  :-) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

#302 Cleaning House

Or more accurately, cleaning office.  We had a clean-up day last Friday, as we are moving some office spaces and people around at work.  It's amazing how many 3-ring binders people get rid of when they are asked to purge things from their offices.  We keep the binders that are in good shape and give the rest to Teacher's Treasures.  I helped Paula organize the work room and was able to put all the extra binders on top of the cabinets.  At one point Paula said it would have taken her all afternoon to put all the binders up there because she would have had to use the step stool.  Up.  Down.  Up.  Down.  And I just stood there and could reach up to the top.  I'm glad I could help! 

On a side note, when we took the older binders to the basement, I found some other treasures and walked away with a Beach Boys album (Endless Summer) and a pair of jeans.  My guess is that someone was fired and left stuff in the office.  I saw a pair of jeans sticking out and they were my size.  Levis dark wash.  They are "floods" on me, but are still cute and comfortable.  I wore them Saturday night. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

#301 Mirror Man

I found out today that the Mirror Man of Gambier, Ohio died this week.  I first met the Mirror Man (Chuck Harris) about 10 years ago on the Amish Land & Lakes bicycle ride.  Chuck made small mirrors that mount to your helmet or eyeglasses so you can see behind you while riding your bike.  Until I got the mirror I would have to turn my head and look behind me, which made me almost ride off the road.  It's one of the best bike purchases I ever made and I never ride without it. 

A couple years ago I decided I wanted a custom mirror made, so I mailed him a color logo and he mailed the mirror back to me safely packed in a 16 oz. plastic coke bottle.  I partly just wanted a custom mirror but another reason was that he was getting up there in years and I wanted a back-up.  Now I'm very glad I got my back up. 

I usually saw him each year at the Hilly Hundred.  Last year he helped me adjust my second mirror.  He was always so friendly and helpful.  And green before it was cool - he used all recyclable materials.  He used plastic soda bottles for the backing of the mirrors and wheel spokes to mount the mirror to the helmet/glasses.  To see his own bicycle was a sight to behold. 

The Adventure Cycling website has more information about him.  At the end of that article is a link to another article and also his Facebook memorial page. 

Thank you, Chuck, for your contributions to cycling and for making it a little safer out there for us.  I will miss seeing you out on the road! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

#300 Grapes and Cake

Wow!  I've reached 300 posts on my blog!  And on this momentous occasion I have a thrilling post about grapes and cake.  haha 

Today I was supposed to have a group lunch so I did not bring my lunch to work.  I usually bring it every day.  At approximately 9 a.m. this morning, the lunch was cancelled.  Great.  Now I am without a proper lunch.  I have spent too much money on dinners lately so refuse to spend any more money on lunch than I have to.  I did bring grapes for a snack, along with leftover cake from a birthday gathering, so that is my lunch today.  Cheers!

Friday, August 17, 2012

#299 Really!?!

Today is the first installment of, “Really!?! with Linda.” (I did steal this idea from Saturday Night Live). Last night was my first trip home from a new parking garage. Traffic was a nightmare on my chosen path. It pains me to admit, but I did something that is one of my greatest pet peeves – I blocked an intersection. (Yes, Julie, I did it.) I have no excuse, but for the record, it was a new traffic pattern for me and I did misjudge the available space in front of me. As I sat there realizing I was one of those people I heard and felt a crash against the driver’s side of my car. I saw a brief flash of something ice-like. It was raining so my first thought was a huge piece of hail. As I looked around, then down to the street, I saw a large fast-food type soda cup lying next to my car. Really!?! You’re so upset that you’re going to throw objects at my car? Really!?! I admit that I usually honk at people who do this and I would have been fine with someone honking at me, but throwing a cup full of soda at my car? Really!?! By the time I realized what had happened, the light turned green. All I could think to do was to roll down my window and point furiously at the cars facing me that I had blocked. 

Since it was raining, my window was up. If my window had been down and any liquid had landed on me or the inside of my car, I probably would have gotten out of my car (yes, after putting it in park) and stood there until someone told me who threw it. Then I would have written down their license number. That’s assault! Really!!

Realistically, my above plan is probably not the best idea. You never know what someone else is going to do and they might also have had a gun next to their 32 oz. soda. Caffeine, road rage and guns don’t mix. But I just don’t understand people! Really!?!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#298 Remembering the King

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death at age 42. I remember the day he died – I was in a car headed to my grandparent’s house and heard it on the radio. I knew who Elvis was but didn’t know much about him or his music. I was eight.

My friend Kelli lived the next street over and was a little more educated about Elvis. Her mom loved him. She had lots of records in their basement and she had been to several concerts, including (I think) his last one at Market Square Arena. She was devastated when he died.

This past April, Julie and I decided to stop in Memphis on the drive home from New Orleans. Neither of us had been to Graceland. We spent a couple hours touring the house, grounds, car museum and planes.

Being there made me want to know more about Elvis, so when I got home I started reading two books by Peter Guralnick, “Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley” and “Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley.” Both books are very good, but I’ll warn you – they are big and the print is small. The second book gets a bit repetitive, but that’s how Elvis lived. Movie. Record songs. Concert. Another movie. Record more songs. Another concert. I think I started reading in May and finally finished in July. Granted – I only read about half an hour at night and on my lunch hour. I’ll repeat – the books are very good and I felt like I got a pretty good look into Elvis’ life.

I came away from reading these books feeling both happiness and sadness for Elvis and his family. What an extraordinary person with incredible talent and compassion. But there was a sad undercurrent to his life. He didn’t trust many people. He lived in somewhat of a bubble with his entourage. He felt like he needed to buy people things to let them know he cared about them and to keep them as friends. He grew to be a man but deep down he was still very much a boy. He never got over the loss of his mother. I do feel that he truly loved the Lord and that was his one saving grace.

Whether you love him or don’t give a flip, you can’t deny that he is one of the greatest entertainers ever. Part of me wishes I could have seen him shake his hips just once in concert.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#297 Hammer Time!

Last night Julie, Heidi and I saw MC Hammer at the fair.  Was a fun time.  We stood off to the side near the front, so I felt a little inhibited with my dancing.  Two years ago we saw him, also at the fair, and stood way in the back.  I got my groove on during that show, trying to imitate him and his dancers. 

One of my favorite songs of his is Pray.  The movements are really fun to watch on his stage show, but it's the words that I like the most.  You definitely do have to pray just to make it today! 

Hammer is 50 but can still move. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#296 Tall People Day

Today is Tall People Day!  Apparently if you're a man who is at least 6'2" or a woman who is at least 5'9", today is YOUR day!  I mentioned this to a friend at work and she asked when short people day was.  Everyone knows that short people day is EVERY day.  ha