Friday, August 17, 2012

#299 Really!?!

Today is the first installment of, “Really!?! with Linda.” (I did steal this idea from Saturday Night Live). Last night was my first trip home from a new parking garage. Traffic was a nightmare on my chosen path. It pains me to admit, but I did something that is one of my greatest pet peeves – I blocked an intersection. (Yes, Julie, I did it.) I have no excuse, but for the record, it was a new traffic pattern for me and I did misjudge the available space in front of me. As I sat there realizing I was one of those people I heard and felt a crash against the driver’s side of my car. I saw a brief flash of something ice-like. It was raining so my first thought was a huge piece of hail. As I looked around, then down to the street, I saw a large fast-food type soda cup lying next to my car. Really!?! You’re so upset that you’re going to throw objects at my car? Really!?! I admit that I usually honk at people who do this and I would have been fine with someone honking at me, but throwing a cup full of soda at my car? Really!?! By the time I realized what had happened, the light turned green. All I could think to do was to roll down my window and point furiously at the cars facing me that I had blocked. 

Since it was raining, my window was up. If my window had been down and any liquid had landed on me or the inside of my car, I probably would have gotten out of my car (yes, after putting it in park) and stood there until someone told me who threw it. Then I would have written down their license number. That’s assault! Really!!

Realistically, my above plan is probably not the best idea. You never know what someone else is going to do and they might also have had a gun next to their 32 oz. soda. Caffeine, road rage and guns don’t mix. But I just don’t understand people! Really!?!

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