Friday, August 31, 2012

#305 Flood

No, I’m not talking about hurricane Isaac and all the havoc he’s wreaked in the south.  Today I am wearing flood jeans.  On purpose.  This, coming from a girl who several years ago refused to wear cropped pants because I thought people would think I couldn’t find pants long enough.  Not only do I now wear tons of cropped pants, I even wear floods.  I initially bought too-short skinny jeans to wear with riding boots, then decided they looked cute in the summer with flats or flip flops.  The jeans I am wearing today have a flare at the bottom and hit right above my ankle bone.  Part of me thinks, “I must look ridiculous in these.”  But they are cute jeans and I think they just looked cropped.  So there!  And if we get all the rain we're supposed to this weekend, the bottom of my jeans would stay nice and dry. 

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