Thursday, September 13, 2012

#306 Two Sets of 3s

This past Tuesday, September 11, I was driving to play tennis.  Throughout the day I had taken time to say little prayers for all who had been affected by the tragedy 11 years ago.  During the drive, Alan Jackson's song, "Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)" came on so I took more time to reflect. 

At one point I thought about the "struggle" I've had with my new parking garage at work and how there is no good way to get out of downtown anymore.  I dread leaving work and am ashamed that I get a little (ok, it's a lot) road raged about having to park there. 

I remembered a John Wooden seminar I attended at work not too long ago that talked about the "Two Sets of 3s" which are:

Never lie
Never cheat
Never steal

Don't whine
Don't complain
Don't make excuses

It is the last three that I focused on during my drive to tennis.  There are thousands of people that were directly affected by a horrible tragedy and they lost someone they loved.  I am accomplishing nothing by getting upset over traffic.  Well, except to make myself miserable for 45 minutes.  I'm blessed to have a car.  If I had to ride the bus it would take me over an hour to get home.  I need to do as John Wooden did and stop complaining. 

Yesterday I took a deep breath as I left the parking garage.  I started listening to one of my Cake CDs for comfort (appropriately it's the Comfort Eagle CD).  I did get a little ticked (baby steps) but I handled it way better than I have on other days and I may have even discovered a little better route home. It's a work in progress.   

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