Monday, January 31, 2011

#146 What a Mohawk!

Friday night I was out with Krista, Kenny, Michelle and Phil at Chatham Tap on Mass. Ave. Upon walking in, I passed one of the waiters. He was cute and almost as tall as me. Oh yeah, his mohawk was about a foot and a half high!! It was incredibly fascinating. As I passed him I said, "You're as tall as me!" He did smile so hopefully I didn't offend him. Later I found out he uses White Sand hairspray and lots of it. Amazing! I may have found the secret to my guy woes - grow your hair out and put it in a giant mohawk! Genius!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

#145 Wheel of Misfortune

In keeping with the Wheel of Fortune theme, I did catch the beginning of a show this week (it comes on after the NBC Nightly News) and saw a woman who said hello to her 6'8" husband in the audience. Her height? 4'11". I have no comment.

#144 Vanna For An Hour

Last week I submitted an entry for the Vanna For A Day contest for Wheel of Fortune. My mom told me about it (she and my dad watch it every night) so I decided to enter. Amber and Ashley helped me put together my video entry during our lunch hour. Amber did a great job editing it down to the one-minute time limit and I thought it turned out well.

After I entered the contest, the site only posted the picture, first name, city, state, and fun fact of each contestant. Yesterday the contestants were narrowed down to the final five (voted on by the Wheel of Fortune judges) and their video entries were posted. Now the public can vote and watch their videos.

I was greatly disappointed that I didn’t make the final five. I have, however, posted my video for your viewing pleasure.

Buh bye!

I told myself I wouldn't watch the five finalists' videos, but I just did. I will only say that maybe their video quality and graphics were better. It was my own fault - my mom told me about it over the holidays and I kept forgetting to enter. Then the deadline was in two days. Oh well. It was lots of fun to do (I think Ashley said, "We should do this every day for lunch!") and I'm glad I tried. I will await the next fun contest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#142 Rock Star Boyfriend

No, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have what I call my “Rock Star Boyfriend” at my gym. He hasn’t been there in a while, but he’s tall with dark spiky hair and kind of looks like a rock star. I’ve never talked to him, but once we passed each other in the hallway where it’s just common courtesy to smile or say hi and he walked right by me like I wasn’t even there. That should have been my first sign.

Last Saturday I was walking with a friend at a local park and up ahead noticed a man walking toward us with his dog. As he got closer I realized it was my rock star boyfriend and I whispered to my friend, “I have a crush on that guy!” He passed us and I said hi and he said hi back. I didn’t want to come right out with “Don’t you go to my gym?” when he was wearing a hat and basically all covered up. But, as luck would have it, I had a second chance as we took a loop through the park and passed him again. This time I did say, “Don’t you go to my gym?” as he walked right by me. And kept going. And didn’t let my friend pet his dog. He did have ear buds in but I didn’t hear any loud music and you can usually hear people speak to you. Whatever, major loser.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#142 Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick is one of my favorite bands (see Post No. 140). The first time I saw them was about 15 year ago (?) on New Year's Eve. Alyce and I went downtown to Union Station for the festivities and discovered they were playing. We stood about halfway back and to the left of the crowd.

Their guitarist, Rick Nielsen, is quite dramatic on-stage so I started watching just him. During one song, he started pointing his finger toward the crowd and then making the "come here" motion with his finger. He was pointing in our general direction and we kept turning around to see who he was pointing at. Like a scene out of a music video, the crowd turned seemingly at one time to look back and we realized he was pointing at...ME. He kept doing the pointing thing but we just laughed and I was a little embarrassed so we stood still. A little while later a man came up to me and said Rick wanted to meet me. What?! Alyce and I followed him to the side of the stage and we waited for the song to end. Rick ran off the side, shook my hand and said, "I'm Rick." I said, "I'm Linda." He said something like, "You ARE really tall!" and then he ran back on stage.

Alyce and I went back into the crowd to watch the rest of the show. Rick is known for throwing guitar picks into the crowd and has them lined all the way up and down his mic stand. He started throwing them in my general vicinity but none reached me. A nice guy in front of me caught one and ended up giving it to me, telling me, "He was throwing this to you." I still have it. Very cool - has Rick's caricature on one side and the Cheap Trick logo on the other.

The only other time I saw them was at Verizon when they opened for Heart and Journey a few years ago. Then I was surprised at the Colts game. I would love to see them again, and maybe even meet Rick again.

#141 Orange Tuesday!

My favorite color combination is orange and blue. I am glad that Blue Saturday has morphed into Orange Tuesday! Orange you glad it's Tuesday and the Auburn Tigers have won the BCS National Championship? YES I AM! What a game! Krista, Michelle and Phil came over to watch it and we had our own little cheering section complete with shakers. I got incredibly nervous with about 4 minutes left. My hat is off to the Ducks - they played a great game and had some great plays but the Tigers prevailed!! I even TPd the tree in my front yard after the game.


Monday, January 10, 2011

#140 Blue Saturday

Last Saturday was kind of a "blue" day for me for two reasons.

Reason No. 1 - I took down my Christmas decorations. I will miss sitting on the sofa in the evening with my lamps off basking in the glow of the lights on my tree and in my windows.

Reason No. 2 - The Colts lost. I went to the game (I took Julie's seat; more on that later if she grants me approval) and it was mostly great until the last 50 seconds (give or take some penalties). I must say that the highlight of the game for me was watching Cheap Trick perform at halftime. There may have been two other people in my section standing and singing along. "Cryin', cryin', cryin'!!!!!!" Yes, we were all "cryin'" after the game.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

#139 Happy New Year!

I usually get together with a small group of friends for New Year's Eve. This year was no different, but the locale moved a bit north to Tammy's condo. And we decided to have a pajama party. Last year Krista had to work New Year's Day so we went to her house. She got ready for bed early and looked so comfy we decided to all wear pj's the next year. Great idea! And great party, Tammy! I'm ashamed to say I did not take a picture, but had a fun time with Krista and Kenny, Phil and Michelle, Trina and Joe, Tammy and Julie. Here's a toast to wonderful friends and the promise of a wonderful 2011!

#138 The Tall Girl's Speech

Last week I saw “The King’s Speech” at Keystone Arts with Michelle. GREAT movie! Great job done by all and LOVE Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Just splendid! After the movie I spotted Jeff Foster (Indiana Pacers player) in the lobby. He’s 6’11”. Michelle wanted a picture with him so I took one of the both of them. She asked if I wanted a picture with him and I simply said, “No, that’s ok.” She was being funny, but then went on and on (to everyone) that I dissed Jeff Foster and made him feel bad after declining a picture in front of him. Also that I said no about 14 times. I think in her first story I said no maybe five times. I took it in stride though. Honestly, I really didn’t need a picture with him. Yes, he’s tall, and very good looking I might add, but he’s married. So no big deal. We got to the parking lot and I told her it would have been funny if I’d said something to him like, “So where do all your tall friends hang out?” or “Can you help a sista out?” I then realized I do have a small “phobia” around tall guys. I tend to clam up and all coherent thought flees my brain. Kind of like King George VI, only I get tongue-tied around tall guys instead of Britain.

#137 White Christmas

We did have a white Christmas this year, but I am referring to my favorite Christmas movie, “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. I only started watching it a few years ago, but it quickly became my favorite, behind “A Christmas Story”. It’s a good story line and I love singing along to the songs. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore!

#136 It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Well, other than summer. But it is my favorite holiday. I am lucky that I am able to take time off from work during Christmas and New Year’s. I’m able to spend time with my family and friends, and only have to drive about five miles to my parent’s house. No flight headaches for me! I’m able to get things done around the house (in the past I’ve painted, taken down wallpaper, etc., and this year I organized a basement bedroom that looked like it had exploded). I’m able to stay up late and watch cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark. And when nothing else is on I pull out my Northern Exposure DVDs (I like watching them in the winter since it’s set in Alaska). And I’m able to reflect on the many blessings God has bestowed upon me and for seeing me through another year. Thank you tiny, baby Jesus! It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!