Thursday, January 27, 2011

#144 Vanna For An Hour

Last week I submitted an entry for the Vanna For A Day contest for Wheel of Fortune. My mom told me about it (she and my dad watch it every night) so I decided to enter. Amber and Ashley helped me put together my video entry during our lunch hour. Amber did a great job editing it down to the one-minute time limit and I thought it turned out well.

After I entered the contest, the site only posted the picture, first name, city, state, and fun fact of each contestant. Yesterday the contestants were narrowed down to the final five (voted on by the Wheel of Fortune judges) and their video entries were posted. Now the public can vote and watch their videos.

I was greatly disappointed that I didn’t make the final five. I have, however, posted my video for your viewing pleasure.

Buh bye!

I told myself I wouldn't watch the five finalists' videos, but I just did. I will only say that maybe their video quality and graphics were better. It was my own fault - my mom told me about it over the holidays and I kept forgetting to enter. Then the deadline was in two days. Oh well. It was lots of fun to do (I think Ashley said, "We should do this every day for lunch!") and I'm glad I tried. I will await the next fun contest.

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