Thursday, January 6, 2011

#138 The Tall Girl's Speech

Last week I saw “The King’s Speech” at Keystone Arts with Michelle. GREAT movie! Great job done by all and LOVE Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Just splendid! After the movie I spotted Jeff Foster (Indiana Pacers player) in the lobby. He’s 6’11”. Michelle wanted a picture with him so I took one of the both of them. She asked if I wanted a picture with him and I simply said, “No, that’s ok.” She was being funny, but then went on and on (to everyone) that I dissed Jeff Foster and made him feel bad after declining a picture in front of him. Also that I said no about 14 times. I think in her first story I said no maybe five times. I took it in stride though. Honestly, I really didn’t need a picture with him. Yes, he’s tall, and very good looking I might add, but he’s married. So no big deal. We got to the parking lot and I told her it would have been funny if I’d said something to him like, “So where do all your tall friends hang out?” or “Can you help a sista out?” I then realized I do have a small “phobia” around tall guys. I tend to clam up and all coherent thought flees my brain. Kind of like King George VI, only I get tongue-tied around tall guys instead of Britain.

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