Friday, August 24, 2012

#301 Mirror Man

I found out today that the Mirror Man of Gambier, Ohio died this week.  I first met the Mirror Man (Chuck Harris) about 10 years ago on the Amish Land & Lakes bicycle ride.  Chuck made small mirrors that mount to your helmet or eyeglasses so you can see behind you while riding your bike.  Until I got the mirror I would have to turn my head and look behind me, which made me almost ride off the road.  It's one of the best bike purchases I ever made and I never ride without it. 

A couple years ago I decided I wanted a custom mirror made, so I mailed him a color logo and he mailed the mirror back to me safely packed in a 16 oz. plastic coke bottle.  I partly just wanted a custom mirror but another reason was that he was getting up there in years and I wanted a back-up.  Now I'm very glad I got my back up. 

I usually saw him each year at the Hilly Hundred.  Last year he helped me adjust my second mirror.  He was always so friendly and helpful.  And green before it was cool - he used all recyclable materials.  He used plastic soda bottles for the backing of the mirrors and wheel spokes to mount the mirror to the helmet/glasses.  To see his own bicycle was a sight to behold. 

The Adventure Cycling website has more information about him.  At the end of that article is a link to another article and also his Facebook memorial page. 

Thank you, Chuck, for your contributions to cycling and for making it a little safer out there for us.  I will miss seeing you out on the road! 

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