Monday, April 9, 2012

#274 Happy Easter!

I had a lovely Easter yesterday with my family. Aaron and Megan came home and Megan brought Fun Anna. My contribution to the meal was deviled eggs. A couple weeks ago I saw a recipe for healthier deviled eggs - half the yolks are replaced with silken tofu. I decided to give it a try. While at Kroger I stared at the tofu in the healthy food section until a Kroger employee asked if I needed help. I saw the regular tofu but could not find anything that said silken. She showed me where it was and I was on my way. The filling actually tasted pretty good - until I put it in the actual hardened egg halves. Then it tasted pretty bland. Oh well. Was a good try. After we ate I asked Aaron if he'd ever eaten tofu. He said no. So I said, "Yes you have!" We all had a good laugh, especially Anna, who eats tofu all the time.

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