Friday, June 3, 2011

#187 Heel Yes

Today I have set a personal record for shoe heel height. I am wearing a pair of 4” wedge platforms (Franco Sarto Carnival Wedge in black). Last Saturday Julie and I stopped at the Nordstrom half yearly sale (taking a break from celeb searching during Indy 500 weekend). It seems like when I shoe shop with someone else I end up trying on the highest heels just to be funny. So I tried on a cute pair of open toed black patent slingback wedge platforms (whew!). And I thought they were really cute. And I bought them! While looking at them in the mirror I noticed other patrons staring at me. And I swear I heard someone whisper from the other side of the sale rack, “She’s really tall even with no shoes on.”

I wore them around the house a bit to see how they felt. Wow I am really tall in these shoes. I told some friends at work about them. And today I brought them in to wear at work to see how they feel wearing them all day. I asked opinions from about five people. My main concern is that I not look ridiculous. I know what I like and am comfortable wearing most anything but wanted an honest opinion about a 6’6” woman wearing 4” heels. I got the thumbs up. Well, from everyone other than Ethan, who is 6’8”. He doesn’t like it when I wear heels. He’s really kidding, but deep down inside I do think it bothers him a little. His wife is tall so he’s ok.

I have discovered two issues with these shoes: 1) My legs will not fit underneath my desk so I have to sit somewhat like a man; and 2) I have to duck when walking into the restroom stall so I don’t hit my head on the bar. I mentioned this to another woman here and she said, “There’s a bar in the bathroom stall?” She never noticed.

These shoes will hereby be known as my “Nordstrom going out of business” shoes. Or maybe I should call them my “hit my head on the bar in the bathroom stall” shoes. Be careful out there ladies.


  1. Yeah, you wore them! You know, if you looked ridiculous in them, I would never have let you buy them. :)

  2. That is a very good point. Thanks friend! :-)

  3. They were very cute. Glad you wore them. And, there's a bar in the bathroom stall? Never would've known it. Will have to check that out on Monday.

  4. As a follower of your blog let me say we need a pic in order to judge how you look in your new shoes. I promise an honest verdict.