Monday, June 20, 2011

#199 Back In Time

Speaking of high school, I loved high school. I had great friends and had great experiences. I played volleyball and basketball. I was in the Spanish Club and got food poisoning in Cancun on Spring Break (there’s nothing like getting sick on the beach and covering it up with sand). Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t popular, but I had a great circle of friends. So what’s it like being the tallest girl in high school? As I told one of my former classmates at the reunion, my first driver’s license listed me as 6’4” and 145 lbs. Yikes! (Note: I’m more than 20 lbs. heavier now.)

I did not date in high school. I had crushes. My first big one was on the tallest boy in school. He was my height – 6’6”. The second, probably biggest, crush was on a guy who was 6’4”. Both had no interest in me whatsoever. They played basketball, football, baseball and dated cheerleaders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I was a tall, skinny girl with a mullet. I don’t know that I would have dated me either. Even with the mullet, I had a couple guys ask me out. One was kinda cute and played football, but I refused to go out with someone a lot shorter than me. He called me a few times. Being so shy, I don’t think I said two words to him on the phone. He finally gave up.

It would have been fun to go on dates with boys I liked in high school. However, I wasn’t scarred for life and I did have a great high school experience.

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