Thursday, March 31, 2011

#171 Date Update

So a few posts ago (#156) I mentioned that I had a date. As of today, no second date. That makes it almost two months later. Here’s the scoop. Basically after the first phone call, he has not called me. Only texts. I’m fine with texting, but it has its place. I’m a little disappointed that has been the main communication from him. What’s a girl to do? Also, when he does text me, it’s usually the day before he wants to get together (once it was the same day). I learned a long time ago to not wait around for a guy to call, or you may end up hanging out by yourself. I have things to do and people to see. So each time he’s texted me to hang out I’ve been busy. Last weekend I offered up the next night since I was free. He agreed. Then the next morning I got a text that he was going to go see his brother. Totally fine; I do understand, but I think I’m done with this one. Very nice guy but since it’s been so long since Date No. 1 I’m taking that as a sign that we are destined to either never see each other again or be friends. I’m cool with that.

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