Thursday, March 3, 2011

#160 Weighty Issue

I have been thin all my life. I am probably more sensitive about my weight than I am about my height. I hate hearing someone say, "You are so skinny!" I realize that lots of women would love for someone to call them skinny. To me, when I hear "skinny" it means "ugly". Therefore, I refer to myself as thin or slender.

While playing basketball for almost 20 years I was always asked to gain weight to be stronger out on the court. My college playing weight was around 165. In the off season I would drop to 160. The most I ever weighed was whilte playing after college, when I maxed out at 172 after lifting heavy at the gym and taking Creatine. I tried so hard to hold that weight after I quit playing but slowly dropped down to my regular 160.

Overall I like the way I look. I do get the occasional remark that makes me feel bad, like once when someone said, "If you gained 10 pounds you'd look really good." Can you imagine someone saying that to someone trying to lose weight? Even with my issues, I've never worried too much about my weight. I figure it will catch up with me sometime. I'm also thankful I don't have to watch what I eat like most people. I try to eat healthy, but if I want to eat cake, I eat cake!

This morning at the gym I walked by a scale in the hall and decided to step on it. When I weigh myself at home on a really old scale (30 years old?) I come in at around 162. The reading on the gym scale - 169.2. What??? In the morning? I NEVER weigh myself in the morning because that's when I'm the lightest. (I am so backwards from the rest of society!) I asked one of the trainers if their scale was accurate. (Duh, why would the gym have inaccurate scales?) She confirmed it was very accurate. Wow! That made my day!

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