Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#167 Tall Day

Within a time span of about 45 minutes, I had two people comment on my height this morning. A woman at the gym said she'd love to have my height and then asked if I played sports, how tall my family was, etc.

Once I got to work, I got on the elevator with a man who asked me how tall I was, if I played basketball, how tall my family was, etc.

Get it out of the way early...


  1. Well, if you are a tall girl answering those questions it's supposed to be your job.

  2. My job should not be to answer constant questions about my height. Most of the time people are very nice, friendly, etc., but it can be annoying, especially when it's preceeded by, "You're tall!" Duh. My mom likens it to someone asking, "How much do you weigh?" which is nobody's business and also rude.

  3. I can see how it must be annoying day in day out, but did you find it interesting that she wanted to be six six? How tall was she? I would guess that not many women have told you that before. My best friend is very top heavy, and only very seldom does another gal say she wished she looked like her. She always finds it interesting since those ladies are rare. Most of the time it's stupid comments, as I am sure you can relate to.

  4. Hi Linda. I am 6'11" and I can totally relate.