Friday, March 11, 2011

#163 Basketball Heaven

Since I’m not allowed to use another term, I will instead say that we have now entered the month of basketball heaven. I am lucky enough to have TVs at work and was able to take a longer-than-usual lunch to watch some exciting conference games. Awesome! As the clocks ran down on two games, more people gathered in the lunch room and I was feverishly flipping between two buzzer beaters (Northwestern/Ohio State and Miami/North Carolina). At one point, a female co-worker told me I was doing a great job of handling the remote. A male co-worker then said, “You use the remote like a guy! And I mean that as a compliment!” I hate it when people change channels and then “forget” to change it back. Foul? Switch. Timeout? Switch. It’s a delicate balance. Hmmmm…I actually DID work hard today.

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