Thursday, March 31, 2011

#169 Hit and Run Again

Last Saturday night I went out to watch the Butler Bulldogs beat Florida to go to the Final Four for the second year in-a-row. Go Dawgs!! We then decided to meet at Michelle and Phil’s house to watch the next game. I got there first and parked on the street outside their house, where I usually do, Krista and Kenny pulled up behind me and we waited for Michelle and Phil to get home.

There was another car parked across the street from me and I thought about pulling up more to give passing cars more space. It is a pretty narrow street. But I decided to stay put. A few cars did drive past and made it cleanly. Then I saw a large, white van come from behind me and noticed it was getting kind of close. Hey, it’s getting really close…BANG!!! It took off my side mirror and scraped the front side of my car a bit. It sounded worse that it looked. My mirror was in pieces on both sides of my car. And, like the other car that hit me last year, the van kept going. Seriously?! You can’t tell me they didn’t feel or hear anything when they hit me?

Long story short, I wrote down the last four license plate numbers, called 911 and waited for the police to come. Krista and Kenny took off after the van but lost it. The officer that came over was the same guy from last year. He couldn’t run the plate with partial numbers since Indiana has about 300 different license plates.

Half an hour later he called me and asked me to come to an address about a block away to identify the van. It was sitting in the driveway. They were arresting the guy and he was going to jail. Holy cow!

Until my insurance settles this I’m driving around with a glued on side mirror (thanks to the guy at the body shop). Miraculously the mirror part was in one piece. I added the back part of the mirror plastic and some duct tape for added stability. Rollin’ in style on the East Siiiide!

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  1. Every time a hear the new about "Hit and Run" I feel bad cause my good friend of mine died 3 years ago and the cause of he's death is hit and run.