Thursday, January 28, 2010

#37 Senior Night

No, I'm not talking about senior citizens, I'm talking about New Palestine High School swimming and diving team's senior night, which was held Tuesday, January 26. Aaron is a senior this year. I have been going to watch him swim since his days at Doe Creek Middle School and have never taken pictures! This was the night. That night he swam in the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay, 100 backstroke and the 400 freestyle relay. I think he usually only does the 200 medley, 100 backstroke and the 400 freestyle(?). I can't keep track. :-) He is a four-year letter winner and his most memorable moment is winning this year's Hoosier Heritage Conference meet for the first time. He will attend Purdue University to study pharmacy. I am very proud of him! Not only is he a good swimmer and a smart student, but he's a great "kid" (young man) and lots of fun. (And the third from the left.)

If you've seen one person swim, you've pretty much seen them all, but here's his leg of the 200 medley relay. He's the third swimmer up from the black handrail. Enjoy...

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