Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#28 Facebook Friend

Since starting my blog I have had two e-mails - one from someone who works at our local mall in fashion PR and a recent e-mail and Facebook Friend Jen from California. She's 6'5" and happened to come across my blog. She enjoys being tall too and says that the older she gets the more she appreciates it.

We have some similar views about men - the cuter a guy is, the more likely we are to let the height issue slide a little. They still must be relatively close in height - 6'0" for Jen and around 6'3" for me.

We have slightly different views on other tall women. We agree that we like to see tall women out in the world (as rare as that may be). I must admit that when I see a woman around my height I have a reaction similar to what others do when they see me. I think, "Oh my gosh - she is so tall!!" Once we are out of ear shot I may make a comment to whoever I'm with. And they will shake their head and tell me I'm as bad as everyone else. It's just that I don't feel tall in my own body. Even as I'm walking around, bending over to talk to my 5'6" friends, I just don't feel any different. But when I see another tall woman I think, "Oh, THAT'S what people are talking about." Jen commented that she's a little uncomfortable when she sees tall women. She's competitive and feels that they are taking her height away from her.

It's interesting to get other tall chick's views on life. Hopefully I'll hear from others.

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