Thursday, January 14, 2010

#30 Rationalized Shopping

Today I walked to Circle Centre Mall to take back a sweater I bought before Christmas. I always go to the sale rack first and even though this sweater was on the sale rack, it wasn't cheap. I try to buy things I absolutely love, are the right color and fit for me, AND are at least 50 percent off. This was only 20 percent off. However, I knew I would have Christmas money coming in so that was my rationalization for buying it. After sitting in a bag in my back bedroom for three weeks I decided today was the day. As I approached the store my rationalizing began again. "Ok, if I find something else I like, I'll take the sweater back. If I don't find anything I like, I'll keep it." I tried on two sweaters and a skirt and decided against all three. I did really like one sweater but it was similar to one I already had. So I walked out with my original sweater. Some may think that it was a wasted trip. Not at all! It's warmed up a lot and the sun was out. I had a lovely walk!

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