Monday, June 4, 2012

#286 Adventures In Haircutting

Last week Megan and I went to a beauty school for haircuts.  The person who usually cuts our hair cannot cut it until around September and we were in dire need of trims.  We both had different people and sat a couple chairs apart.  I soon realized it would take longer than usual and kept reminding myself they are learning.  My cut took about an hour and it turned out really nice.  The students have help available and someone does come by to check out the cut when they are done.  I would go again.  Megan's cut took about the same time, but she got hers styled, which took another hour.  Paul met us there and he was obviously done a lot sooner.  He waited so we could eat afterward.  Poor guy waited for two hours total!  After 1/2 an hour of Megan's styling, I walked back there and said, "Megan!  This isn't prom!"  Her hair did look nice but next time, NO styling.  The best part?  We each paid $8 for a cut (and style).  I highly recommend it!

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