Thursday, May 31, 2012

#285 My Clarks

In Post No. 180 I made a comparison between shoes and men.  I will elaborate a bit more here. 

I have many shoes and one thing I've learned is that the flashiest, most fashionable shoes are not the best shoes in the long run.  Like I said in the earlier post, I chose the flashy shoes and I ended up regretting it. 

Similar to these shoes, the flashiest, most stylish and charming men are not always the best in the long run.  Yes, they're fun and exciting for a while, but then you realize they're not the best fit.  You wish you had someone more comfortable and dependable.  Someone who was a better fit. 

Due to the uncomfortableness of some of my recent shoe purchases, I decided that from now on, I would only buy shoes from Clarks of England.  I already have several and have never regretted buying any of them.  I was at an outlet mall last week and came across a pair of silver flats.  Not the most stylish shoes, but still nice looking and definitely comfortable.  And they were on clearance.  I bought them. 

Now I just need to find a man that fits just as well.  Maybe his name will also be Clark!

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