Monday, May 21, 2012

#284 World Next Door

My friend Jen is heading to South Africa for a summer internship to write for an online magazine called World Next Door.  She will be travelling with a team of four other writers, learning alongside South Africans working to alleviate the suffering AIDS has inflicted on the region, while also writing about some of the incredible stores of courage and hope they hear along the way.  If you want to follow their journeys this summer, you can add the above link to your favorites and visit when you get curious or you can subscribe (top right corner of the web page) for updates when new stories are posted.  It will take a couple weeks after their June 6 departure for stories to start appearing, but after about mid-June new stories should be going up almost every day.

I am so proud of Jen for going on this adventure!  She quit her job to do this and has no idea what she will do when the internship is over, but she is a woman of faith and knows that God will continue to show her the path He wants her to take. 

Please pray that Jen and her group have a safe and productive trip!   

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