Thursday, June 14, 2012

#289 Dear John

My boss’ last day was today.  John and I have worked together for 11 years.  He and his family are moving to Michigan – well, his wife has been there since late last year so he and the kids are now moving to Michigan.  I have been in major denial until this past Tuesday when another staff member left and I started crying, not so much for him (although I will miss him too) but for the realization that, yes, John really is leaving in two days.  I know we will keep in touch, but it will take a while for me to not feel sad when I turn around to talk to him and realize once again he’s not there anymore.  He is a very special person and is a man of integrity who puts a high value on faith and family.  I have been blessed to know him and work with him all these years.  This is a great opportunity for him and his family and I am very happy for them, but at the same time I will miss his presence every day. 

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