Friday, June 22, 2012

#290 Love/Hate

I recently posted about my first tennis league win, so will now describe my first league loss.  And what a loss it was.  I was previously undefeated at 3-0.  Then came Ann.  I was told after the match that she is an experienced player.  All I know is that she was consistent and hit some awesome lobs.  I was consistent too - in hitting the ball long.  And wide.  The match felt closer than what the numbers reflect (0-6, 1-6).  We got to deuce a lot.  I lost some games while at 30-40.  I'd like to think maybe I could have beat her if I'd not made so many mistakes.  I would at least have made it a closer match. 

Afterward, as I was going to apologize for not giving her a better match, she told me that she enjoyed playing against me.  She didn't want to say anything during the match to give me any encouragement, but she said my ground strokes and serves were really good and at times she was barely getting the ball back.  (I did ace her twice with my serves!)  That made me feel a tiny bit better.  Not much though.  I hate getting smoked!   

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