Wednesday, June 6, 2012

#287 Game, Set, Match

Last week I played my very first tennis league match.  I have been playing once a week for about a year.  This summer I took a leap and joined a 3.0 league.  Our team plays two singles and three doubles matches each week.  Best of three sets.  Last week I played singles. 

I had a bad start and found myself down 0-3.  I even served first so she broke me twice.  Crap!!  After settling down I made my triumphant comeback and won the first set 6-4.  ("Ok, I can do this.")  The second set went much better and I won 6-3 (should have been 6-2).  My opponent was good - quick, hit to my backhand a lot and she did have one great lob that hit the back line when I went to the net.  I hope to minimize my errors this week and concentrate on not double-faulting as much also.  For my height, I would like to have a better serve overall and am working on that also. 

The team went 3-2 for the night.  Last week we swept but I was unable to play. 


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