Saturday, December 18, 2010

#132 Blockbuster Day

What a day! I began my day at at the Jorday YMCA watching a friend's children (5 year-old Maeve and 4-year-old Owen) play basketball. They practice for a half hour and then play for about a half our. They are too cute!

From there I made a quick stop at Community East Hospital to visit Julie. She had an accident in her home Thursday night and broke her ankle in three places. She is doing well after surgery, but will be on crutches for six weeks. They inserted about seven screws and a metal plate so she now bests me in hardware (I have two screws in my left arm).

From there I went to Conseco for the Boilermaker Blockbuster. It was a Purdue doubleheader with the women taking on Auburn in the first game (War Eagle!) and the men playing Indiana State in the second game. The Lady Tigers did not fare well and lost by 20. Indiana State gave them a good run for their money, but the Boilers prevailed by about 13. It really was a closer game than the final score indicated. I organized a group of about 20 and we sat in the second row behind the visitor's bench. Very cool. I was happy that my Purdue family members could be that close to the action. Some of us wore Auburn t-shirts for the first game and then changed to Purdue t-shirts for the second game. We're equal opportunity fans!

We had some time to kill after the game and hung around inside Conseco for about 45 minutes. One of the security workers started talking to us (I think he was wondering why we were standing around) and in the conversation we found out he is Tyler Hansbrough's brother Greg. Krista was especially excited. She is one of the biggest North Carolina fans I know. He's really nice, even though he kind of made fun of me for acting like a five-year-old. (I was reenacting some of the first game I watched today.)

After the games we all went to Iaria's for dinner. Iaria's is a local Italian restaurant that's been in Indy for many years. Very good food. I had the spinach ravioli. I hadn't eaten much during the day and definitely made up for it at dinner.

Aaron is home for Christmas break. I sat next to him at the Purdue games. He's used to sitting in the Paint Crew section and it was fun to watch all the gestures he does for each player. I kept asking him, "What does that mean?" I learned quite a bit today.

A long, but very fun day.

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