Thursday, December 9, 2010

#129 Dresses

I have covered various tall fashion topics in my blog: pants, shoes, tops. The most difficult by far is dresses. I'm amazed that I can walk into a store and find skirts that come to the top of my knees but when I try on a dress it's a micro mini. What's up with that? I am in need of a dress for an upcoming formal event in March and really want a dress. I don't want a long dress so am looking for cocktail attire. Heck - it's hard enough to find a short dress that's long enough, let alone a long dress. I tried on a couple dresses at Nordstrom (they do not have talls) and found one I really liked but...mid thigh. Not appropriate for a 42-year-old. I also tried on one with a 4 inch hem but it really wasn't a flattering color for me. I've watched "What Not To Wear" too much and know what looks good on me. The only stores that carry tall dresses (that I know of and actually like) are Banana Republic and J. Crew. J. Crew definitely caters to the mid-thigh crowd. I ended up finding one at BR and used my 40% off coupon. I had to buy online (naturally) so will see how it fits in around nine business days. My other alternative is to find a cute top to go with one of two dressy skirts I already have. Stay tuned for updates...

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