Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#126 Facebook Trouble

Monday when I tried to log in to Facebook I was told there had been an attempted compromise of my account. Basically someone from Ft. Lauderdale tried to log in as me. They asked me to verify I was actually myself by identifying certain photos from my Facebook friends. When the first pictures came up I thought, "Who the heck is that?" I did much better with other pictures and was able to re-set my password. But I still couldn't log in. I had to do the photo-checking thing three times before I gave up and sent an e-mail in for troubleshooting. Then when I checked my e-mail account I saw two messages from Facebook telling me that since I re-set my password I needed to follow the link below to regain control of my account. That would have been nice to know earlier. So now I'm totally locked out and was then told in my next e-mail, "...writing in multiple times will not result in a faster response. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly. We appreciate your patience." Fabulous.

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