Thursday, December 9, 2010

#130 Hey Paula

Paula is a co-worker and our cubicles are separated by a small walkway. We sometimes “yell” back and forth during the day. She’s really funny and we have some good laughs. She was instrumental in me flying south last month. I initially planned to drive but realized my weekend work responsibilities wouldn’t allow me to go. She asked if I’d looked at flights yet (they’re usually expensive) and when I looked, I saw that they were very reasonable. I probably would have paid the same for gas as I did for a plane ticket and a rental car and I got there in a fraction of the time (it’s an 11 hour drive one way). She also recommended I try for my rental car and I got a great deal. Thanks Paula! She’s also a regular reader of my blog and lets me know when it’s been too long between posts.

My funniest story about Paula involves her husband, Tommy, and it took place several years ago. Tommy was at the airport and saw Jim Breuer, who had been on Saturday Night Live. When he called Paula to brag about seeing a celebrity, she had no idea who Jim Breuer was. When he mentioned SNL, Paula called me over to talk to Tommy, as it’s well known throughout the office I am a huge SNL fan. I had never met Tommy so it was a little weird to talk to a complete stranger about Jim Breuer. It made Tommy’s day that someone, even a total stranger, was excited he saw Jim. Since then I’ve maybe seen Tommy a handful of times. Paula keeps telling me that he wants to set me up with his brother who lives in Oklahoma.

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  1. Tommy and I just shared a laugh about this! Thanks for the shout-out!!! Love your blog!