Friday, May 21, 2010

#78 Bike To Work Day

Today is national Bike To Work Day. Did I ride my bike to work today? Heck no. There is a 60 percent chance of rain. I do support biking, but don't enjoy riding in the rain.

Speaking of riding in the rain, I decided to ride to work yesterday for my own bike to work day. The forecast said 20 percent chance of rain. I had a lovely ride in to work. The mornings are my favorite part. The neighborhoods are quiet, you can smell the grass and the flowers, there is less traffic and the temperatures are cooler. After I arrived at work I heard that there would be afternoon showers. What?! The radar looked bad, but by 4:30 still no rain. At 4:50 I looked out the window...RAIN. I had an offer for a ride home, but declined. I feel bad making someone go out of their way to take me home when I made the choice to ride to work. I'm a big girl. It actually wasn't too bad going home. The rain was fairly light and I didn't get too wet. I bought a rear fender a few weeks ago and haven't put it on yet. I was more mad about that than anything. The back/butt gets most of the grit. Two years ago I rode home in a downpour. Give thanks in everything!

This is my third year of biking to work. When I first started it took me around 45 minutes (it's about 7 miles each way). Last year I sped up to around 40 minutes. Yesterday it took me 34 minutes to work and around 35 back home. I don't remember exactly, but I think those are records!

Congrats to all who rode to work today! You are a better rider than I. A special shout out to Denise, who I know rode to work today. Way to go D!! :-)

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