Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#72 Wedding Bells

Don't get too excited - it's not for me. Have you read my blog? I am sooo far from getting married it's not funny! Anyway, my friend Trina tied the knot last Saturday. Another friend, Tammy L., and I helped her out with details for the ceremony/reception. It was a great day and she was a beautiful bride.

You would never tell by looking at her that she had an emergency appendectomy the Thursday before. Holy cow! She was a trooper.

Here is a picture of me and one of her bridesmaids, Lisa Godby (no relation). I think we are really sisters separated at birth.

I think at one time or another most women go to a wedding and wonder if there will be any cute guys there. I do wonder, but know the probability of there being a cute, tall guy there is not high.

I did get a cute, tall dress from Banana Republic last year and when I bought it I had no event in mind for it. When I find a tall in my size (and on sale) I usually buy it. Several months later it was a great dress for a spring wedding. I found some dressy brown sandals at Payless (3" heels!) and a Gap cardigan that matched the dress exactly. Ready to roll.

I am incredibly happy for Trina and Joe and wish them a life of happiness together!

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  1. Linda, you look really beautiful in these pictures. Your confidence, inner and outer beauty all shine.