Thursday, May 13, 2010

#73 Spring of '10

Wednesday I saw Bryan Adams (Bare Bones tour) at the Murat Theatre with my friend Heidi. It was in the Egyptian room but they had reserved seating (thank goodness!). We sat in the 9th row. Awesome seats! He played an acoustic set and had a piano player. He put on a really good show. I like the acoustic concerts because the artist usually talks more and tells funny stories relating to the songs. For example – his song “Heaven” was written for a 1983 movie “A Night In Heaven” about a male stripper. He apologized to anyone who had danced at their wedding to that song.

Speaking of talking, the couple next to me talked the entire concert. It always amazes me that people pay a lot of money to see someone in concert and proceed to talk the whole time and pay no attention to the concert. You could do that at home for free! The guy spilled his drink (partly on my foot), then took off his sweater to mop it up from his crotch. Toward the middle of the concert people started heading for the front of the stage and they took off. Good riddance.

I have an advantage at concerts in that I can see over everyone. However, I'm not a mosh pit, up-in-front kind of gal (with some exceptions) so usually like to stay in the back anyway when it's standing-room only so I don't block anyone's view. I also usually stay seated if there are reserved seats for the same reason. I do recall one funny incident that happend when I attended an REO Speedwagon concert after college at the Indianapolis Tennis Center (that is another topic I will cover later). Our seats were on the floor and I was maybe 10 people in from the side. We ended up standing most of the concert. At one point, a security guard got my attention and asked me to get off of my chair because the people a few rows behind couldn't see over me. I held my hands out to my side and looked down at my feet. He saw that I was standing on the GROUND and walked away.

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