Monday, April 26, 2010

#66 Indiana Downs/Live!

After the pre-prom festivities, I traveled down I-74 to Indiana Downs, which is a horse racing track in Shelbyville, Indiana. A friend of a friend threw his wife a 40th birthday party in one of the suites. I have never been to a horse track and it was quite the education. An employee came in and gave us a quick tutorial on how to read the book and what to look for. I bet on three races. I picked the name I liked and then looked at the jockey and their history. The first horse was “Shouting Hallelujah”, with 20-1 odds. Krista and I both bet on that horse to win. I told her if we won I was going to run down the hallway literally shouting “Hallelujah!!” The horse led most of the way but petered out down the stretch and finished third. My second race was Lee Ann’s race (the birthday girl). Lee Ann’s Fabulous 40th Race or something. My horse in that race led most of the way as well and lost at the very end coming in second. The third race was almost guaranteed by the track employee and most everyone bet on that horse. I should have bet more (was doing the $2 minimum) because that horse won. I won $5.60! So after putting in $6 I was only down 40 cents.

After the races we walked over to Indiana Live!, which is the casino. I’ve been in a few casinos in my day but am not a big gambler and don’t know that I have ever played any games. At the track we received $5 coupons to play slots. When I signed up to play and got my card, I received another $5 so couldn’t resist playing with $10 free money. I hit the 25 cent slots for a while and eventually won $21. I immediately cashed out, then played slot poker with the remaining $2.50 I had on my card. That didn’t last long. It is a smoking establishment and I found myself coughing every now and then, so when my free money was up, I left. All-in-all, a fun night!

As a side-note, watching the horse races reminded me of the Halloween that I dressed up like a jockey. It is still one of my favorite costumes - it just cracks me up! A 6'6" jockey! I did go out with this costume on and I don't know that many people got the joke. I should have made a sign, "Will work for food."

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