Monday, April 26, 2010

#65 New Palestine Prom

Saturday night was New Palestine’s prom. Both Aaron and Megan went to the prom (not together!) and a group of their friends came over before prom to have pictures taken. The photographer was Cheryl Weldon from Fishers ( who also took Aaron’s graduation pictures (which turned out awesome!). It was fun to see everyone look so nice and be so excited for a dress-up night. Well, at least the girls were excited.

Seeing all the kids brought back memories of my own prom. I was determined to go and had a dress made even before I had a date! I knew I wouldn't be able to buy a dress off the rack that was long enough. I enlisted the talents of my grandma's friend who was a seamstress. I was a senior and went with a junior who was in one of my classes and was a swimmer.

Some people say prom is overrated. If you think of it as a fun night out with your friends playing dress up, it can be a really fun night. I had a good time at my prom and am glad I went.

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