Thursday, April 15, 2010

#64 Jay Bilas

As I reflect back on this year's Final Four, another one of my harmless crushes comes to mind - Jay Bilas. You will notice that, unlike Jim Harbaugh or Zachary Levi, Jay needs no "rule." That is because he hits the mark in most every category - he is 6'10", 46, handsome, smart and athletic. The one category where he misses is that he's married.

I have seen him at the past three Final Fours - Atlanta, San Antonio and Detroit. The above photo was taken in Atlanta at Hoop City (now Bracket Town). In all three cities, I passed him randomly while walking around. My string ended this year and I didn't see him at all in Indy. The thing about having the Final Four at home is that I really am not out and about like I would be if I were staying at a city hotel. Oh well, maybe next year!

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