Thursday, April 15, 2010

#62 Final Two

So tonight was the night of the final showdown - Butler vs. Duke. David vs. Goliath.

After a looong day at work I met Aaron at my house and we headed downtown. We stopped at a couple hotels to people watch but didn't' see anyone major. There was a Scottie Pippin sighting at the Westin but he left before we arrived. Aaron and I met Lori and Megan at the mall after they finished with clogging. Luckily the torrential downpour stopped by the time we walked to Lucas Oil.

What a great game! I can honestly say I have never watched Final Four games (semis or final) more intently than this year. The best Final Four game-wise that I've been to, despite the end score of the final game. I didn't know the guy to my right, but when Hayward's shot rimmed out he grabbed my shoulders for a second (we had both turned to our left to watch the shot). I have no idea what he would've done if the shot had gone in!

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