Thursday, May 30, 2013

#346 The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Several weeks ago I found out that my favorite (and only) resale store was going out of business.  Heidi sent me a text saying, “Annie’s is closing in two weeks!”  I had just finished my taxes and had enough time to drive over there before heading to church.  I bought four tops.  Oh – and everything was half price.  So my usual $3.50 top was $1.75. 

The following Monday I stopped by after work so I could take my time.  I went through things with a fine -tooth comb.  My best find – a pair of capri cigarette pants from White House/Black Market for $2.50.  I got those, a fancy black dress, a casual grey dress, a pair of mustard J Crew pants, and I think another couple of tops and the total was around $15. 

I don’t know all the details, but the restaurant next to Annie’s wanted to expand and apparently Annie (her real name is Jennifer) was given the option to move her store across the street.  She didn’t want to do that and decided to take the summer off to figure out what she wanted to do. 

Who should I be mad at?  The restaurant?  The landlord?  Both?  I do like the restaurant.  I don’t know the landlord or the detailed story.  All I know is that I (and many other appreciative women) lost a wonderful, affordable, local shop.  I will miss stopping in to see what treasures I might find.  I will miss talking to Jennifer and seeing her smiling face behind the counter.  Will I find another store to take Annie’s place?  I am optimistic I will.  As Annie says, the sun will come out tomorrow. 

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