Friday, May 17, 2013

#344 Let Them Have Cake

Somehow I forgot to post my Cake pictures from last year.  I met a guy from a local radio station at the Kiss concert and he got me tickets to see Cake, along with a pass to the meet and greet before the show.  Best meet and greet ever.  There was a taco bar!  (Alas, no cake for dessert.)  The band was very cool and signed whatever we had.  One of them commented on my messenger bag and asked where I got it.  (Gap)  We then got pictures with them.  As I looked through the photos on the radio website, I had to laugh as mine is the only one where one of the band members faces is blocked out. 

The concert itself was awesome, but cut short.  There were two opening acts and after the first band, they shut things down for about an hour.  Then the second band came on and played a full set.  Then Cake came on and played a short set (maybe 45 minutes?)  I was greatly disappointed.  You see, after the meet and greet I hung out in the VIP room (the other meet and greet people had to go outside the gates) so when the gates opened, voila!  I was in the front row.  (hee hee)  I was able to save seats for Phil, Michelle and Lynne.  Great seats, Cake is sooo good, and we were all bummed it wasn’t a full show.  I will definitely have to see them again. 

As always, I want more Cake!! 

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