Thursday, May 16, 2013

#342 The Sinking Ship

In my Adult Swim post, I mentioned meeting a tall guy.  To give a bit more detail, he had crawled into some cave area in the dinosaur exhibit, and when he popped back out, I said, ‘That was impressive!”  He noticed my height and we talked for a bit.  He’s 6’8” and played some college ball.  Really nice, funny, very cute.  He chatted with Kerstin and me for several minutes.  When he left to catch up with friends, he gave me his number.  He mentioned meeting up with him and his friends after the event; I didn’t make it so texted him when I got home. 

Mid-week he texted about meeting for a beer and we settled on Saturday evening, after my day of Rick’s Picks.  I met him at a bar called the The Sinking Ship.  Interesting name, as it did speak somewhat metaphorically about our relationship.
We spent the first couple of hours talking by ourselves and then were joined by three of his friends (two women from his work and another female friend).  Overall I had a good time, despite the friends being there.  I did like them but it was a bit strange to have them there.  Although we have some common interests and I find him very attractive, he is not what I’m looking for in a long-term relationship.  He has one habit I don’t like that is a deal breaker.  And I don’t think he’s a Christian.  Bummer. 

While I was having a good time but simultaneously thinking my bummer thoughts, I felt like he was thinking I was too much of a square.  And too old.  (My guess is he’s 31.)  At the end of the evening, he left me with a hug and a “Let’s keep in touch.” 

So why is it that as the ship was slowly sinking, I didn’t initially want to abandon it?  My first reaction should have been to say, “Buh bye” when the friends were on their way, making full use of my life preserver.  On the contrary, even though I knew he wasn’t right for me, I still kind of wanted to go out with him again.  He’s cute, funny, smart, kind of nerdy and really interesting.  And 6’8”. 

Is it the height?  I know he’s not the only tall guy in the world, but he’s the only tall guy in my world right now.  

Is it that I don’t like being rejected, regardless of how I really feel about our long-term compatibility? 

I think the bottom line is that despite the deal-breaker habit, he’s really fun.  And he does seem like a good person.  Even though this makes no sense, that sinking ship did fully sink.  And I need to keep my eyes open for the other fish in the sea.  (Originally written in early March)
P.S.  - I did hear from the "captain" in late April.  He invited me to meet him and some friends that night at another bar on my side of town.  I had other plans (what's up with guys and late notice?).  Would I have really gone if I had been able?  I probably would have tried to find a friend to go with me.  Oh well. 


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  1. When you are tall & meet an even slightly interested/ interesting guy it's hard to say no/ not interested because you feel like your blowing your last chance. LOL... I know the feeling!!!