Thursday, May 16, 2013

#343 Hoops with the Hansbroughs

After the ship sank, I turned my focus to other tall men.  Too bad I’m old enough to be their mother..

In April Krista and I attended Hoops with the Hansbroughs, a fundraiser for Voices Against Brain Cancer.  Ben and Tyler Hansbrough, who both play for the Indiana Pacers, have joined forces with this organization to raise money and awareness for brain cancer.  Their older brother, Greg, had a brain tumor as a child that was successfully removed, but has had to deal with some physical issues as a result. 

Why our interest in attending?  In no particular order: 

·               Krista is a huge North Carolina fan (Tyler played basketball at North Carolina);
·               Krista and I met Greg a few years ago and became friends with him;
·               We’re both big hoops fans;
·               It’s for a great cause; and
·               I’m always up for getting out and going to a great event! 

(And this one was very well run - take note Dunaways!)

We had a great time.  We were one of the first ones there (along with Krista’s cousin, whom she didn’t know was going!) so we got to meet Ben and Tyler right away.  Krista finally got her Tyler autograph.  I do have a North Carolina t-shirt so wore that; I apologized to Ben that I didn’t have any Notre Dame gear.  As I posed for a picture with them, Tyler asked where I played. 

We got to spend some time with Greg.  What a great guy!  Click here for some background on his story. 

The event was held on the Pacer’s practice floor.  Food was set up on half of the court, and the other half was open for shooting around.  Which we did.  Yes, we were the only grown women shooting baskets.  It was mostly kids and a few men.  A few other Pacers were there and they shot around too.  Very cool!  Later in the evening Ben and Tyler took us on a tour of their locker room area.  We saw lots of enormous shoes.  You know what they say…big shoes…big feet!  J 

A fun night.  A great cause.  And a friend had a dream come true! 

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