Thursday, January 17, 2013

#329 Do You Remember?

Occasionally at work I listen to Pandora.  I love music for many reasons, but one of the specific things I love is that it can trigger memories.  “Do You Remember” by Phil Collins came on my station today.  When it came out on his “…But Seriously” album in 1990, I was at the beginning of a relationship that unknowingly would last for the next 18 years (friend, boyfriend, friend, boyfriend, nothing).  I remember watching the video (they still played videos back then) and being amazed at all the similarities between it and my life with/feelings about this person.  Hearing the song, even 20+ years later, takes me right back to all of those bittersweet feelings.  But that’s ok.  I’ve learned that sometimes you have to experience the bitter to appreciate the sweet.  I definitely had both with this person but I wouldn’t change a thing.  Yes, I remember.  And I’m glad that I do. 

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