Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#330 40 Minutes of Dread

Sunday Megan and I drove to Lexington to see some women's college basketball. Auburn played at Kentucky at Memorial Coliseum.  Kentucky has been ranked #4, but Auburn had a good game against #9 Tennessee last week so I thought it would be a decent game.  After reading the program, I should have known better.  On the program is Kentucky's "slogan" for the year, "40 Minutes of Dread." 

Auburn stayed with them for about six minutes.  After that, it was a painful game to watch.  Down by 30 at halftime.  Lost by 44.  Kentucky pressed full court the entire game.  We left with about three minutes on the clock and headed to a local mall.  I heard later that the Auburn coach was unhappy with Kentucky's coach for pressing the entire game and they had words during the postgame handshake.  I also read an article that the Kentucky coach said they play 40 minutes and are not going to let up for anyone.  I understand playing hard for 40 minutes, but there is no reason to press when you're up 40+ points.  Kentucky may be a highly-ranked team in the polls but they are not a highly-regarded team on my list. 

Despite the outcome of the game, I'm glad we went and Megan and I always have fun.  I was proud to be there in person to support the women's team.  War Eagle! 

The most fun part of the game?  Halftime - they had a mascot basketball game!    

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