Friday, January 25, 2013

#331 Can I Have This Dance

I love Anne Murray's song, "Can I Have This Dance."  She has such a smooth voice and it's such a pretty song.  Last Sunday, I think I heard it playing in the Memorial Coliseum concourse in Lexington. 

Right before halftime I went to the ladies room.  I spotted a drinking fountain across the concourse and as I walked toward it, I noticed two older men (late 60s?) standing next to it.  One was around my height.  The taller man walked up to me and asked how tall I was.  He then asked, "Can I have this dance?" and proceeded to put his arms around me.  I was a bit startled so I put my arms around him.  Yes, I embraced a stranger in public.  It didn't last long and he seemed nice; just a little strange. 

Why is it that when an older man (or woman) says or does something it seems ok, but if someone much younger does it, it seems creepy?  I guess that's something I can look forward to in my old age.  Embracing younger men. 

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