Monday, November 26, 2012

#322 American Boy

Last night Heidi and I went to see Chris Isaak.  I have one of his CDs (Always Got Tonight) but have never seen him live.  He was in town for 92.3's Rock to Read.  A friend sent me an online promotion for $15 tickets.  Can't beat that! 

The opening act was Kat Edmonson.  She was great with a very distinctive voice.  A good pairing with Chris, as he is very distinctive as well. 

I expected a good show and that's what we got.  He's a great performer and very funny as well (as I knew from watching a few episodes of The Chris Isaak Show).  He did not disappoint! 

We sat in the balcony Row P, pretty much center. There are no bad seats at the Murat, but my picture taking was hindered by the spotlight, which tended to wash him out. Two of my approximately 10 pictures turned out really well, and as luck would have it, one of them included a giant blowup pin-up girl. You're welcome, guys.

P.S. - After posting yesterday I realized I forgot to tell a funny story about the concert.  As I stood waiting for Heidi to arrive, I noticed quite a few women wearing crazy high heels.  Like the heels without heels.  And really interesting outfits.  And most of them were black.  I thought, "Wow, I didn't realize Chris Isaak had such a black following!"  I then realized that everyone was walking through the Egyptian Room entrance and they were not there for Chris Isaak but for a Studio 54 hair show.  Hahahaha!  I even saw a friend from work, who is black, and as I waved to her (I was on the phone with my brother) I thought, "Dominique likes Chris Isaak?"  Heidi and I talked to Dominique today and next year we want to go with her to the hair show. 

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