Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#315 Faith, Football and Winning the Big One

I went to a Southeastern Conference school so I am well aware of the competitiveness of SEC football.  I read an article today about Georgia's football coach Mark Richt and thought it was too good not to share.  How wonderful to see a coach that is not afraid to speak about his faith.  It was also nice to hear his story about Bobby Bowden at the beginning of the article. 

Bowden's speech about "winning the big one" is true for many aspects of life.  The vast majority of society things success is only about winning, being famous, having lots of money, a big house and a fancy car.  Take a look at the headlines and you will see examples of people who seem to have it all, yet they are not truly happy and don't feel any different.  They may even feel more empty. 

Fame and fortune can bring security to a point, but what is the point if at the end of your life, Christ wasn't a part of it?  He is the only security you will ever need. 

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