Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#320 Sophie and Naomi

Ellen has Sophia Grace and Rosie (see Post No. 282). I have Sophie and Naomi. Last Saturday I stopped at the Aunt Millie bread outlet. They changed their hours and I can no longer go after work so I have to go on the weekends. As I picked out my bread I was immediately greeted by a little girl holding up a box of Christmas cakes. “Look!” she said. “Mmmmmm.” I replied, somewhat ignoring her. I then got in line and there she was again. With her sister. Who started talking to me and by the time we got to the counter I had learned that her name was Naomi and little sister was Sophie. Naomi asked how old I thought she was (I guessed 10 and was off by three months. She turns 10 in February). I did guess Sophie correctly at age 7. (Not bad for a childless person!)  Naomi plays soccer and scored five goals in one game so her coach told her to let other players score. She also plays kickball at recess. During one game she got up to kick and all the boys yelled to move in. She proceeded to kick the ball over all of their heads. The next time she was up they didn’t move back. Way to go Naomi! She commented that I was very tall and asked me how I got to be so tall. Then she asked me if I played basketball, and when I told her I used to, she asked me why I didn’t play any longer. I started to say, “I’m too old” but I didn’t want her to think that just because you get old you stop playing, so I told her I wasn’t in school anymore so I didn’t have a team to play for. And that I now play tennis. She was a very nice and respectful young lady. Another customer kind of ran her cart into Sophie and Naomi was quick to apologize for Sophie getting in her way (which she really wasn’t). Naomi’s parents seemed amused at our conversation. They were probably happy to have a break from her talking to them.

When I walked in the store I was bummed that I’d have to stand in line on a Saturday. When I walked out of the store, I had a smile on my face after having a nice conversation with a pretty cool 10 year-old. If we could all be more child-like, life would be a lot more enjoyable.

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  1. This is so wonderful - you *love* kids like that! One of the great advantages of being tall is it fascinates kids - particularly girls and I think it gives more opportunities for talking to them and finding a bit of that childlike joy.

    It also sparks conversations with their parents … mothers almost always ask what did I eat when I was a kid - do you get that one?

    My best experience with a little kid was when I was climbing down from a tree in the park (I like to climb trees). I'm pretty thin with blonde hair and ears that I think are a bit pointed. This girl - maybe 4 or 5 - tugged her mom's skirt and said "look mum - an elf!" I've never had such a wonderful compliment.