Monday, May 23, 2011

#185 Capri Diem

I’m not sure what this phrase means. I just made it up. “Pant day?” I thought it would be funny to put a twist on the word capri, since today I am wearing a pair of capris (cropped pants). For many years I refused to wear capris. I thought that if I wore them people would look at me and say, “That poor girl grew out of her pants!” One day Julie and I were shopping at the Eddie Bauer outlet store in Edinburgh. I found a pair of raspberry red tall capris. Since they were a different color than the norm AND technically were talls, I tried them on. Julie tried a different pair on. Inside the dressing room we both came out and I asked her, “Does it look like I grew out of my pants?” She said no, so I bought them. Since that day I have embraced the capri and have bought many more. They are a great summer pant. I even have a pair that are regular-length pants and I turned up the 3” hem to make a cuff. The fashion experts say that cropped pants make women look shorter so regular-height women really shouldn’t wear them. Well, then, they are the perfect pant for me!

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