Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#179 Breakdown

So I rode my bike to work this morning. Well, I attempted to ride my bike to work. I was riding smoothly until about 3 miles in. Then I felt some resistance in the back. At first I thought I had a flat. Nope. Then I checked the brake pads and frame. No rubbing. I have no idea what it was, but it’s got to be something with the gear/pedals. I kept saying out loud, “What IS IT????” I finally turned around and scooted home. I could coast fine but when I tried to pedal I still felt resistance, so I pushed with my left foot. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I rode a total of 4.7 miles and it took me about 50 minutes. It took me 20 minutes to go 1.5 miles back home. It usually take me about 40-45 minutes to ride the full 7 miles to work. Thank goodness I did make it to work on time.

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